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JSB Morse, in the follow up to the popular How to Take Advantage of the People Who Are Trying to Take Advantage of You, focuses on one of the most profitable techniques of the series: credit arbitrage. Credit arbitrage is the method of taking advantage in the disparities between interest rates in the marketplace. Consumers can utilize low-interest debt to actually earn money-this book will show you how. Morse takes a simple, three-step approach to converting credit cards from an expense into a moneymaking tool. Complete with charts and detailed instruction, this manual will help you start raking in the dough with as much effort as it takes to apply for a credit card. Learn techniques on how to acquire 0% interest credit cards or get lower rates on your current credit cards; invest in any number of ways based on personal levels of risk-acceptance with that money; and maintain your accounts to maximize your profits. Morse has made it easy to start taking advantage of the people who are trying to take advantage of you; now all you need to do is start making money for nothing through credit arbitrage!


I have done my own research into different ways to maximize making money on interest prior to reading this book. This book does talk about the concept behind making money on money that isnt yours. From personal experience, this is true. However, the pitfalls for undisciplined users has the potential to be high. These days, alot rides on your credit score and financial responsibility. The amounts of money youre talking about is at least $10,000 – if you try this and goof up, youll hurt yourself far more than benefit. However, if you can follow the very simple steps discussed in this book, youll be able to enjoy some extra money every month. I would recommend this simple easy-read book to anyone who is exploring different ways of maximizing returns on interest and wants to get an idea that can be made into a feasible plan.

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