Have You Fallen For the 0 APR Credit Card Yet?

You probably have heard about 0 APR credit card? This is the most common thing that people have heard or read in the advertisements of most credit card companies. If you have been called by some bank representatives offering you this promotion, you might get lured by the seemingly juicy offer.

After all, it could be a lot of savings in the end as you no longer have to pay the APR (stands for annual percent rate). But before the bank representative gets successful by making you lured into applying for their credit card, stop there first and clear things up before signing up with them.

Credit cards with 0 APR are often too good to ignore. They usually come with the agreement that you transfer your balance from another credit card you are using and get the APR with zero interest; or you have the 0 APR on the first year of using the credit card. Added to that juicy offer, the bank will also give you fast approval, plus some other perks. Thinking you would get all tons of savings from this new credit card, before you know it, you let this representative procure your information, as well as your existing credit card information, and let them consolidate your debts to the new credit card company which offered you the 0 APR.

Now, after signing up with them, it could be too late for you. You have not learnt of the hidden charges of your new credit card, so here you are: about to receive future bills with even higher statements. This thing could have been avoided if you have been wise enough to carefully think of the offer thoroughly.

Such offers like 0 APR is indeed very interesting, but that happens too good to be true. The truth about this thing is that credit card companies typically start the offer being effective after people have accumulated so much debt from the holiday rush season shopping spree. And after this 0 APR thing has taken effective, the credit card company may cancel it at anytime of the year. The sad thing about this is, you do not normally notice that the offer is over leaving you with exorbitant prices with the statements.

Some may think the 0 APR offer lasts for years and years. But the fact is, it only lasts for six months or so, but not more than a year. And since, you do not know your 0 APR is over, you still believe you save even when the next bills are higher than the previous ones.

Another thing you should know about 0 APR is the offer which says inclusion of the amount of your balance transfer. Often, the credit card company actually applies the promotion for the purchases you made on your new credit card and not on the balance transfer. This is often something that clients overlook because it is usually not included on the flyers.

If you would not be careful enough, you can be trapped with this fraud claims. While it can be effective on the first season of using your new credit card, it will still get extremely higher and once again you will find yourself in the stream of high debts. To avoid these mistakes, make sure to read all details of their terms and conditions before signing up with them. It would not hurt as well if you can raise all possible questions in regards to the true nature of the 0 APR credit card.

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