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Last Reviewed: 4/6/2012

amex baggage insurance As part of our ongoing series on American Express Card Benefits, today we’ll be deep-diving on American Express Baggage Insurance. This insurance is covered by policy AX0400 (BIP-IND), and if I had to pick one takeaway from my detailed reading of the policy, it would definitely be the number of exclusions to the policy (ie things that aren’t covered). While it should come as no surprise when dealing with the world of insurance, it feels like they set a new bar here. Read on to get the details.

Amex Cards Providing Baggage Insurance

The following American Express Cards provide the baggage insurance benefit:

  • Platinum Card® from American Express
  • Platinum Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card
  • Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express
  • American Express® Green Card®
  • American Express® Gold Card
  • Hilton HHonorsTMSurpass® Card from American Express
  • Hilton HHonorsTM Card from American Express

American Express Baggage Insurance Details

In simple terms, American Express Baggage Insurance covers you (within limits) against the loss of your carry-on and checked-in bags. However, due to the large number of carve-outs to the policy, it’s important you read the details below, so that you don’t think you are invincible.

Amex Baggage Insurance Coverage Limits

mermaid steals your bags You will be covered for up to $1,250 for your carry-on bags and certain carry-on personal effects (they don’t actually define what these “effects” are, maybe your wallet/purse?) while these items are on-board the common carrier. So imagine you are taking a cruise, and a mermaid decides she wants to steal your wallet, you’re covered.

You’ll also have up to $500 in excess coverage for checked bags (above and beyond what the carrier already provides for coverage). If the ticket for the carrier is charged in advance of arriving at the terminal, then you also get additional coverage, up to $1,250 in coverage as you journey to, or depart from, the terminal, and during the time you spend in the terminal right before or after your trip. For example, if you’re taking a helicopter ride to the cruise ship, and the pilot does that matrix-type body takeover thing, and tosses your goods overboard, you’re covered.

Type of Carriers Covered under the Amex Baggage Insurance Policy

The types of carriers covered under the policy include airplanes, cruises, trains and buses. Rented or private vehicles are not covered, nor are free transports like hotel courtesy shuttles.

Stuff Not Covered by American Express Baggage Insurance

I was really shocked at the number of things not covered. By the time I was done compiling the list, I felt that only my socks and skivvies would end up being covered. But read on, and you be the judge: amex-baggage-insurance-details

  • Coverage for high risk items is limited to a combined maximum of $250 per person. Such high-risk items include things like jewelry, sporting equipment, photographic or electronic equipment, computers, a/v equipment. Basically, all the shit that people want to steal.
  • Umbrellas, hats, coats, contact lenses, artificial limbs and teeth, plants and animals, household effects like silverware, art. I guess that explains the angst behind the character of Sykes in The Fugitive.
  • Automobiles, boats, motorcycles and other conveyances. Question: How the f* does someone check-in a boat?
  • Cash, or its equivalent. (note to self: well, that sucks.)
  • Credit cards, tickets, documents.

You can read the full, action-packed Amex Baggage Insurance Policy here.

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