As the biggest “Surcharge-Free” ATM network in the the U.S., Allpoint Allpoint provides its customer base with over forty thousand Automated Tellers in a myriad of retail merchant locations. Allpoint chooses to serve its client base by head-to-head competition with the entrenched traditional banking industry. Allstate strives to provide customers with greater convenience, access and savings with innovative tools and financial networks.

Allpoint Partner ATM Locations

Some of the select targeted retail ATM locations included in the vast Allpoint surcharge-free network are – Kroger, Target, Seven-Eleven, Costco, CVS Pharmacies and Walgreens. It is estimated that one of every twelve Automated Teller Machines in the U.S. are Allpoint-branded logo machines. Allpoint also provides Mobile Applications to Android, Blackberry and iPhone mobile devices that have an easy-to-use “GEO-LOCATOR” that will help you find the nearest Allpoint surcharge-free ATM without having to provide a ZIP or address. The downloaded location list and map with detailed directions will immediately appear on the mobile device screen. The download can be shared via SMS text or email.

Allpoint Partners

Some notable banking players have partnered with Allpoint including – ING DIRECT, Amalgamated Bank, Flushing Savings Bank, Gorham Savings Bank, Flagstar Bank, Alpine Bank, Marquette Bank and Dollar Bank, to mention a few. Several Credit Unions across the U.S. have also joined with Allpoint – Technology Credit Union, Educators Credit Union, EMPOWER Federal Credit Union, FirstMark Credit Union, Eastman Credit Union, Delta Community Credit Union, Coastal Federal Credit Union and Diamond Credit Union are a few. Stored-Value providers that have teamed up with Allpoint are – The Bancorp Bank, MIO, TransCard, Money Network, Prepaid Solutions, TotalPay Card, Univision, JPMorgan, GreenDot, Comdata Payment Innovations, Global Cash Card, NetSpend, Rapid Paycard and Skylight Financial Innovative Paycard Solutions.

Why Partners Choose Allpoint

There are several benefits for financial service providers and merchants to partner with Allpoint. Some of these include:

  • Customer Attraction
  • Customer Retention
  • ATM Surcharge Revenue Retention
  • Compete with the Banks
  • Customers visit “Neutral” Retail Locations
  • Allpoint Network is Largest and Most Trusted ATM Network
  • Ease of Sign Up and Usability

About Allpoint
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Corporate Headquarters: Bethesda, MD USA
Address: 7315 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 750 East, Bethesda, MD, 20814 – phone 301-492-2100 /

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Allpoint Corporate Overview
Allpoint WebsiteAllpoint is America’s largest surcharge-free ATM network. Allpoint provides your customers with unmatched convenience and savings, and your institution with the tools to level the playing field as you compete with larger banks for customers.
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