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American Express (NYSE: AXP) is a publicly held global financial corporation offering financial transaction tools to business and personal customers alike. American Express is also a leader in global prepaid solutions. Some of their popular prepaid products include – the consumer gift card (sold at nearly 100,000 retail locations across the United States,) the prepaid reloadable card, the PASS teen card and the Target personal prepaid card.

Interesting facts and statements about American Express:

  • Annual Revenue for AmEx exceeded $24 billion in 2009 on $124 billion in assets, $620 in card purchase revenues and near 90 million active cards.
  • The company transacts millions of dollars every day and considered a valued conduit for high volume purchasers.
  • In 2009, American Express employed over 58,000 people around the globe.
  • Small company owners are assisted toward success through the buying power of AmEx cards along with financial flexibility and expense control.
  • American Express helps business administration and accounting personnel monitor and control employee spending with valuable payment programs and training.
  • Marketing, data and information management expertise is also an area of expertise offered by AmEx to commercial clients grow their businesses.
  • Innovative programs including rewards and customer loyalty are designed and implemented for AmEx customers to improve sales.
  • Delivering top notch travel services to cardholders has always been a priority for American Express.

American Express Prepaid Products:

American Express Reloadable Prepaid Card

  • Funds can be loaded with cash or from your bank account through your cell, landline or the web.
  • The AmEx prepaid card is recognized for transactions in millions of global locations – online, retail merchants or even ATM withdrawals.
  • Since the card is reloadable, just give them a call or visit their website to put more money on the card.
  • All approved cardholders can access account balances, set up spending alerts and view all monetary transactions.

Target American Express Prepaid Card

  • The Target AmEx prepaid debit card can be purchased at the cash register of any Target merchant.
  • If a merchant welcomes American Express, then the Target AmEx card is welcome also.
  • Cardholders can reload money online, at any Target or by telephone.
  • ATM’s that accept American Express cards can also be accessed for withdrawals by Target prepaid cardholders.

The American Express Teen PASS Prepaid Debit Card

  • Parents load money onto PASS card for children anytime day or night via website or phone from their American Express Credit Card or personal bank account.
  • PASS cardholders enjoy all of the same globally recognized benefits offered to other AmEx customers.
  • Lost or stolen cards are not a problem as PASS customers also benefit from American Express fraud protection.
  • Account overdraft and credit dings are not an issue because teens can only access what is pre-loaded on the PASS card.
  • Teenagers and parents can work together to monitor and track all transactions online as well as setup text and email alerts.

About American Express Company
Stock Symbol: NYSE:AXP
Corporate Headquarters: New York, NY
Address: 200 Vesey Street, New York, New York 10285

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Corporate Overview
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