DimpleDough Description

DimpleDough was founded in 2005 as a software service provider for companies that provides innovation and management ability to all payment card movement. DimpleDough integrates their card delivery platforms cohesively between their strategic alliances and value added card re-sellers. The client base of DimpleDough includes high-level banks and financial institutions, as well as aggregators and retail merchants like AMC Theaters and American Express.

DimpleDough Platform

DimpleDough prides itself on the innovative simplicity it injects into a relatively complicated process of integrating card processors, printers, distributors, vendors and service providers. Add to the mix custom card programming, mobile technology delivery, business-to-business apps and virtual card implementation, and you have a lot of wires to connect. DimpleDough eliminates all snags to simplify any process. Creating, enhancing, managing and reporting on any card program becomes a snap with DimpleDough and without massive investments in time, expense or information technology resources.

DimpleDough Solutions

Card offerings can easily be plugged into DimpleDough’s easy, efficient and cost effective card programs. Many of the world’s top banks and retail merchants do business with DimpleDough and take advantage of their enhanced product solutions including Corporate Gift Cards, Virtual Cards, Custom Cards and Online Card Sales.

DimpleDough Capabilities

DimpleDough has an entire complement of fulfillment capabilities comprised of Activation, Processor Integration, Design, Marketing Intelligence, Security, Fraud Prevention, Printing and Distribution. DimpleDough prided itself with their Card Program Management (CPM) customer service and support platform that empowers customers in the adoption and maintenance of sales, marketing, customer service solutions. The end goal is the maximization of investment and cost-effective management of customer card programs.

About DimpleDough
Stock Symbol: Private Company
Website: http://www.dimpledough.com/
Corporate Headquarters: Independence, OH, United States of America
Address: 4807 Rockside Road, Suite 370, Independence, Ohio 44131, 215-393-1979

DimpleDough Debit Cards

DimpleDough Corporate Overview
DimpleDough WebsiteDimpleDough specializes in the development of comprehensive card customization Web service for gift, prepaid, debit and credit cards. Hosted card management platforms combine advanced card imaging capabilities, comprehensive management tools and flexible fulfillment options, enabling you to build a card customization program to match your brand.
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