Elan Financial Services

Elan Financial Services

As a subsidiary of US Bank, Elan Financial Services directs there business efforts toward Automated Teller Machine (ATM) marketing, processing and transacting across the United States. With almost 40,000 ATM’s under their platform nationwide, Elan proves to be one of the top ten processors in the country. Much of Elan’s client base is composed of Independent Sales Organizations (ISO’s) representing the interests of plastic card companies and issuers in the U.S. New partnerships with aggressive players such as Palm Desert National Bank, continue to propel Elan to great heights in the kiosk and ISO marketplace. Superior electronic transacting, client-driven focus, new technologies and a great track record of customer satisfaction make Elan a leader in the ATM/Kiosk and Vault Cash industry.

Elan Scope of Work

Elan’s core focus includes: ATM Processing, Vault Cash Provider and Kiosk Solutions Coordinator. As an ATM processing partner, Elan assists with all the management tools needed to keep expenses low and to grow the revenue stream. A state-of-the-art monitoring and servicing platform, named eTeller, ensures that Elan’s ATM network functions at optimum capacity at all times. Elan also offers the MoneyPass Surcharge Free ATM network where customers have abundant access to cash wherever they might be. Advanced technological communications channels are available to Elan customers providing a variety of alternatives to the marketplace. Elan’s ability to provide ATM equipment financing OR equipment leasing makes them a preferred customer choice. Elan provides their valued client base an all-inclusive Vault Cash program with speedy and efficient delivery of funds to partner ATM’s. While Elan is a leader in traditional kiosk ATM service, they also participate in the processing of prepaid debit cards’ bill payment systems.

Elan Value-Added Assistance

Elan helps their customer/partners in not only growing their client base, but retain those clients as they mature through the product life cycle. Some of the value-added marketing and sales programs Elan participates in include:

  • Branch Promotions – sweepstakes, prizes, sales spiff promotions and gift card rewards.
  • Existing Card Member Marketing – consistent and thorough marketing to existing clients to maintain loyalty.
  • Direct Mail – detailed database management systems are employed cross-matching and targeting optimal customers to appropriate product promotions.
  • Employee Plastic Cards – cards can be issued to valued employees with preferred rates, rewards and fees.
  • Ongoing Marketing and Support – account monitoring, planning exercises, portfolio reviews can be conducted regularly to assess profitability and market penetration.

About Elan Financial Services
Stock Symbol: NYSE: USB
Website: http://www.elanfinancialservices.com/
Corporate Headquarters: Pittsburgh, PA
Address: Commerce Court, 4 Station Square, Suite 620, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Elan Financial Services Debit Cards

Elan Financial Services Corporate Overview
Elan Financial Services WebsiteElan prepaid card programs are built on Elan’s state-of-the-art technology platform, allowing Elan to offer integrated and multifunctional card programs. These cards include direct deposit, payroll-to-card programs that reach both the unbanked and the traditionally banked consumer; Visa and MasterCard gift cards; and health care benefits programs such as FSA, HSA and HRA. Offering these prepaid card programs through financial institutions and benefits administrators to independent service organizations, payroll processors and employers, the programs offer a low-risk opportunity to reach out to an entirely new group of consumers-while meeting the needs of existing customers and members. Prepaid cards offer a convenient and reliable means for cardholders to manage money and make purchases.
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