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General Electric Background

As one of the largest, most diverse and popular publicly traded companies in America, General Electric continues to develop and deliver products that matter to the consumer. Along with their ubiquitous financial platform offered to corporations and consumers alike, GE is intensely involved in research and development solutions for the home, healthcare and transportation. Some of the most notable products innovated by GE include home appliances, jet engines, electronics, power/energy generation plants, energy distribution facilities, light bulbs, medical imaging, oil/gas services, railroad development, computer hardware/software, water/wastewater treatment and of course, financial services.

GE Capital Areas of Involvement

GE Capital, has always prided itself on delivering fast, dependable financial solutions to consumers, businesses and merchants around the globe. GE Capital’s consumer division assists families and individuals by providing various financial tools such as prepaid debit cards within easy reach. GE Capital also provides capital lending and leasing products to Canadian and U.S. large and small companies across various industries, and also serves over fifteen million customers throughout Africa, Europe, Asia’s Middle East and the Pacific Rim. Whether corporate clients need to expand, purchase, build, lease equipment, refinance, restructure or require assistance for a merger/acquisition, GE Capital stands ready to provide financial services.

GE Money Bank is now GE Capital Retail Bank

GE Capital Retail Bank, formerly known as GE Money focuses on various financial solutions for customers worldwide. Besides commercial lending, leasing and mortgage products, GE Capital forges powerful relationships in consumer credit and finance to more than 100 million customers. One of the most notable ventures includes a recently extended co-branded partnership with Walmart and Green Dot. The joint effort includes not only a credit card program, but an innovative approach in delivering a competitive reloadable prepaid debit card known as the Walmart MoneyCard.

About GE Capital Retail Bank
Stock Symbol: NYSE: GE
Corporate Headquarters: United States of America
Address: P.O. Box 965004, Orlando, FL 32896-5004

GE Capital Retail Bank Debit Cards

Walmart MoneyCard Visa Prepaid Card Walmart MoneyCard Visa Prepaid Card

Walmart doesn’t just offer low prices on TVs, clothing or groceries. They also provide a great set of financial services products. One of their products is the Wal-Mart MoneyCard. The Walmart MoneyCard is a prepaid Visa debit card that combines the power of Walmart’s ubiquitous retail distribution network with the convenience of a prepaid debit card. The combination makes it easy to load funds onto the card (you can load funds with cash or a payroll or benefits check at any Walmart cashier location). There are a number of other benefits as well. Read More

Walmart Money Card MasterCard Walmart MoneyCard MasterCard Prepaid Card

Retail giant Walmart wants to further add value to its customers by offering the prepaid Walmart MoneyCard Mastercard. You can actually get the MoneyCard in either Visa or MasterCard depending on your preference. There are also four designs to choose from – grey, black, blue or gold all displaying the Walmart logo and insignia. You can load money on the prepaid MoneyCard in a variety of ways including a visit to a Walmart store (cash or check) cashier or MoneyCenter Express machine, direct deposit of a pay or benefits check, online bank transfer or by purchasing a MoneyPak or Cash Reload card.
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