incomm-logoThe prepaid industry, including stored value gift and reloadable cards is the product focus of InComm. They participate in a vertical product alignment in the prepaid arena including techonogical innovation, product marketing and distribution. Atlanta, Georgia is where InComm calls home to its corporate HQ. As a worldwide company, InComm staffs offices in over a dozen international and national locales including – Georgia, California, Colorado, Illinois, Tennesee, Utah, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Florida, Minnesota, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Austrailia, New Zealand, Japan and the United Kingdom. With over 225,000 partners located around the globe, InComm realized over $13 Billion in 2010 retail revenues on prepaid sales serving over One Billion consumers each week.

InComm Operations

Retailers worldwide choose to partner with InComm for a wide variety of prepaid product offering availability, innovative technology solutions, superior program management and outstanding vendor customer services. InComm’s Fastcard(R) technology opens the door to some of the biggest retail operations networks interested in their abundant product line. Some of the product suite offered by InComm includes – reloadable debit cards, gift cards, wireless, communincations, gaming, music, subscriber services, cash payment options and promotional incentive programs. Along with the above line, InComm offers clientele its expertise in package design, marketing, sales, production, distribution, customer support and redemption. 24/7 customer support is full service and also comprises product development, packaging and design, production, distribution, sales, in store transaction tech, redemption, post sale accounting and reconciliation as well as customer AND merchant support services.

InComm Product Offerings and Partnerships

In operation since 1992, a driving factor in InComm’s success has been the innovation of technology that enhances the transaction process for consumers while, at the same time, streamlining the selling process for merchant retail partners. Some notable InComm wireless partners are Verizon, T-Mobile, TracFone, GoPhone/AT&T, Boost and Virgin. Gift card partnerships include Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, AMC Theatres and Bass Pro Shops to name a few. Incomm acts as an Independent Sales Operation for various prepaid card programs including the VanillaVisa(R) prepaid gift card, the Vanilla MasterCard(R) prepaid debit card, the Mio(R) reloadable MasterCard and also other cards associated with Discover and American Express. Downloading music and online game playing have become a popular pastime for not only younger generations, but other consumer segments as well. Since many customers do not possess a credit card, InComm provides channels for them to play online or download music via gift card products such as Zune, iTunes, Shutterfly, Sirius Radio, SM and Yahoo! Communications products and services InComm has innovated include Microsoft Office Live, Koday Gallery Online, InterCall, T-Mobile Hot Spot, HP Warranty Cards, eFax and Intuit Software.


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