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MPower Labs, Inc.MPOWER Labs, Inc. is a research and development incubator and business accelerator founded in 2006. The current focus of MPOWER Ventures and MPOWER Labs is the creation of innovative financial service solutions for the world’s underserved. Unfortunately, billions of people around the world lack access to safe, convenient, and affordable financial services. These individuals are living in a cash economy that has very high transaction costs, no opportunity for leverage or asset building, and leaves them in a permanent state of financial instability and insecurity. A major reason for this market failure is the prohibitively high cost of expansion of financial services by mainstream banks. As a result, the financial services available to these individuals are significantly limited, resulting in high prices, poor quality, and inadequate solutions.

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Stock Symbol: Privately Held
Corporate Headquarters: Austin, TX USA
Address: MPower Labs, Inc., Austin, TX

MPower Labs, Inc. Debit Cards

Mango MasterCard Mango MasterCard Prepaid Card

The Mango MasterCard prepaid debit card offers a fresh way to manage money. We love the simplicity and easy maneuverability of the Mango website. When you use the Mango MasterCard, most of the financial tasks you perform have no fee associated with them – and the fees that are charged are just a few and disclosed well!. There are also a ton of extra features and benefits included with the Mango prepaid MasterCard that you just don’t get with many prepaid cards out there. Read More

Mango MasterCard Mango MasterCard Prepaid Card (Direct Deposit)

The Mango MasterCard with Direct Deposit is a prepaid debit card that claims to be a new “fresh way to pay”. Their website represents a clean, “fresh” structure that definitely portrays that image. Understanding Mango MasterCard’s fees is simple and straightforward. Read More

mPower Visa Prepaid Card mPower Visa Prepaid Card with direct deposit

“Put the Power in Your Pocket” is the motto of the mPower Visa prepaid debit card . Cardholders can benefit from some of the excellent features available with the mPower Visa card. Some of the features include – money management tools, travel discounts, prescription discounts, online bill pay, credit builder, card-to-card money share and more. Read More

mPower Visa Prepaid Card mPower Visa Prepaid Card

The mPower Visa prepaid card “Puts the Power in Your Pocket”. With a ton of features available, the mPower Visa definitely delivers a lot of “power” to the cardholder. Some of the fantastic features you can benefit from include travel discounts, online bill pay, credit builder, money management tools, card-to-card money share, prescription discounts and more. Read More

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Recent News Items
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    Yesterday, the FDIC issued a press release announcing they are embarking on a pilot program to evaluate the feasibility of insured depository institutions offering safe, low-cost transactional and savings accounts. The FDIC wants banks to participate in the program to offer electronic deposit accounts with certain product features. We applied the FDIC’s wish list to a number of existing prepaid debit card products on the market to see how they stack up. Here’s what we found.

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  • Mango Money Card: New Terms Released for Savings Account

    As we recently reported, the Mango Money MasterCard will soon have a great new savings account linked to it. The new terms and conditions for the Mango MasterCard have just been released on the Mango website.

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    In this addition of Prepaid Spotlight, we are going to discuss another popular debit card, the Mango MasterCard. As pre paid consumers continue to search for the best card, there are two elements that are constantly on their minds, features and fees. Obviously, most people want a ton of features and low, well-disclosed fees. Although […]

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