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nFinanSe, IncnFinanSe, Inc. is a financial services company and provider of stored value and prepaid card solutions. nFinanSe developed and operates the nFinanSe Network (a value load and activation platform) that connects with retail merchants and value load stations throughout the United States. nFinanSe manages the programs for the nFinanSe Discover Card and the nFinanSe prepaid Visa Card.

About nFinanSe, Inc.
Stock Symbol: OTC BB: NFSE
Corporate Headquarters: Tampa Florida, USA
Address: P.O. Box 89355
Tampa, FL 33619

nFinanSe, Inc. Debit Cards

nFinanSe Prepaid Visa nFinanSe Prepaid Debit Visa Card

The nFinanSe prepaid Visa is issued by nFinanSe, Inc., a leading relodable prepaid debit card provider. nFinanSe also offers a prepaid nFinanSe Discover card. The nFinanSe Visa card has some of the lowest fees on the market, and nFinanSe has continued to push the envelope with its aggressive low prices. Read More

nFinanSe Discover Card nFinanSe Prepaid Discover Card

Do you like Discover network cards? The folks at nFinanSe have a great option for you if you are looking for a prepaid Discover card, with the nFinanSe Discover prepaid card. Get all the benefits of a prepaid debit card (including no overdraft fees) with this prepaid Discover card from nFinanSe. Read More

Corporate Overview
Recent News Items
  • nFinanSe Adds Another Retail Partner for the nFinanSe Prepaid Debit Cards

    nFinanSe’s $3 Visa and Discover Reloadable Prepaid Debit Cards are now available at Stripes convenience store locations throughout the Southwestern United States. A publisher for Consumer Reports noted that nFinanSe cards offered cards to the public at the lowest price available along with Walmart.

  • nFinanSe Announces Low Fee Reloadable Visa and Discover Cards

    nFinanSe (OTCBB:NFSE) recently announced the expansion into the Midwest of their $3 Visa® and $3 Discover® Reloadable Prepaid Debit Cards offered at Kwik Trip Convenience Stores. In September of this year, Consumers Union, the non-profit publisher of Consumer Reports determined that nFinanSe’s cards were among the lowest priced prepaid debit cards available.

  • Prepaid Debit Trend: Adding Rewards and Features

    Prepaid Debit Card RewardsAre debit card rewards and perks the way to make a prepaid card program stand out from the crowd? The number of prepaid debit cards on the market is growing. Many of the cards are issued by the same banks (notably MetaBank, The Bancorp Bank and a few others), and are based on similar platforms and concepts.

  • nFinanSe Now Rolls Out Low Fee Prepaid Card at Dollar General

    nFinanSe (OTCBB: NFSE)( recently announced another nationwide launch of their Visa® Reloadable Prepaid Debit Cards to over 9,000 Dollar General Stores in the U.S. Given the cost conscious target market of Dollar General, the low fee card offering should be a good fit.

  • The REACH Card: Are Simple Fees Better?

    Another celebrity endorsed prepaid debit card was announced today. This time, the card is the REACH Prepaid Visa Card, and the celebrity is syndicated radio host Tom Joyner host of the nationally syndicated The Tom Joyner Morning Show, and also founder of REACH Media Inc., the Tom Joyner Foundation, and Unlike some other recent celebrity endorsed prepaid cards, the REACH Card takes what seems to be a great approach to pricing. The fee structure is about as simple as you can get. We take a look at the REACH Prepaid Visa card here.

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