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PRBC Credit Reporting

What is PRBC?

The PRBC is basically a web portal designed and owned by MicroBilt Corporation based in Georgia. The primary function of MicroBilt is a data collection conduit that assists commercial businesses and individual consumers alike. From the commercial side, MicroBilt can assist companies to minimize credit risk and responsibly manage their business relationships. Through the PRBC (Payment Reporting Builds Credt) website, alternative data can be collected in regards to credit that is not typically collected by the main credit bureaus – Experian, Trans Union and Experian – who contribute to consumers’ FICO scores. MicroBilt has a certified relationship with the three consumer credit bureaus, as well as Dun & Bradstreet and Experian Business commerical credit bureaus. MicroBilt was formerly owned by the large corporate financial data company, First Data.

What Can PRBC Do?

The PRBC online portal can capture alternative consumer credit not typically reported to one of the big three bureaus. Utility payments, rent or lease payments, private owner-financed mortgage payments and any other “non-traditional” re-occurring obligations can be reported through PRBC to document credit-worthiness. There are several prepaid debit card issuers that have chosen to partner with PRBC and allow their customers to establish credit through this mechanism. A good share of mortgage lenders and brokers utilize PRBC for borrowers that have not yet established traditional credit or are restructuring their credit history.

PRBC In The Marketplace

There is a lot of debate on the value of using PRBC in the credit markets. While it appears that it does serve as a valuable tool for mortgage and real estate finance professionals, there is very little evidence that using the tool will help improve anyone’s FICO scores. Traditional entities that report to the BIG THREE credit bureaus are typically mortgage lenders/servicers, auto finance companies, credit card companies, retail banks and department stores creditors to mention a few. The effort of reporting timely payments, be it alternative modes, should not harm a consumer and might even help get some people systematize the way they keep track of their monthly obligations. MicoBilt’s PRBC(R) Consumer Report does have a FICO(R) Expansion Score component that provides data to those businesses out there that really want to help the over 100 million under-banked and under-served consumers in America. MicroBilt also offers a wide variety of data products to small business owners that are cost competitive for consumer finance, debt collection, fraud prevention and background screening.

About PRBC
Stock Symbol: Privately Held Subsidiary of MicroBilt, Corporation
Corporate Headquarters: Kennesaw, GA
Address: PRBC / MicroBilt Corporation
1640 Airport Road, Suite 115
Kennesaw, GA 30144

PRBC Debit Cards

PRBC Corporate Overview
PRBC WebsitePay Rent, Build Credit, Inc. (PRBC) is a subsidiary of MicroBilt Corporation. PRBC is an FCRA compliant credit repository established to serve the approximately 100 million US consumers lacking a traditional credit history. PRBC offers the PRBC Report with FICO® Expansion® Score, a consumer credit file and score based on a consumer’s history of making rent and other recurring bill payments. The PRBC report with FICO® Expansion® Score provides business with the credit file and score necessary to demonstrate a consumer’s creditworthiness when applying for housing, credit, insurance, and employment. PRBC enables their business partners to help their consumer and small business customers to build a credit file automatically as they pay their bills, or by verifying self-reported payments they have made in the past. PRBC’s service is designed to bridge the gap between consumers seeking credit and lenders seeking to qualify them.
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