AccountNow Prepaid Cardholders to Enjoy Rewards

Cardlytics rewardsCardlytics and AccountNow, Inc. today announced a partnership in which Cardlytics will provide targeted rewards to AccountNow prepaid debit cardholders. Millions of AccountNow debit card user will now have access to relevant offers and rewards based on their spending habits.

The platform provided by Cardlytics selects and presents offers based on actual transaction data stored in account holders’ online banking statements. This allows incentives and offers to be presented that are relevant to individual cardholders. The offers selected by Cardlytics are shown to AccountNow customers when they log in to view their account statement. Individual offers are presented directly beneath the line items shown on a cardholders online statement.

When a cardholder clicks on an offer they are interested in, they are given an option to activate or “accept” rewards before redeeming them at a number of national, local and online retailers. Because coupons or promotion codes are not required, offers are automatically redeemed when customers use their qualifying cards to make purchases according to the offers’ conditions.

Read the press release here.

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