Credit vs. Debit: The New Wallet

Gen Y Wallet Debit Cards vs Credit CardsWallets aren’t what they used to be. For anyone who’s taken a peek inside the wallet of a Generation Y spender recently, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the age of cash and credit is officially over. I grew up and survived college carefully writing checks so as not to overtake my bank balance. I paid in cash whenever I could. Today, I look in my teenagers’ european wallets and see a prepaid American Express card, along with cards toward Gamestop, the Gap and Subway. The times, they are a changin’.

As USA Today reported in February, credit card use is slowing – despite the fact that the average consumer owns five credit cards. Revolving credit (essentially credit card debt) declined by nearly 20% in November, according to the Federal Reserve. It’s a big drop – the largest on record, and illustrates a growing reluctance to borrow. For an emerging generation, the freedom from credit may seem quaint, but for the savvy shopper the wallet-friendly solution is simple: guaranteed, convenient and prepaid credit at favorite stores already on their radar.

The evolution from free-falling credit and cash spending to selective and controlled consumer behavior may be the secret driving force behind wallets stuffed with pre-paid cards. Shoppers’ loyalty to brands, particularly those offering budget-friendly shopping, means that planning ahead and purchasing pre-paid sprees is no longer just a holiday treat – it slots neatly into your everyday shopping life.

As retailers adapt and offer more ways for consumers to secure pre-paid store credit – online, mobile or with traditional store cards – a new segment is pushing through. After all, what’s better than virtual cash at a discount? At we provide the brand-name store cards that consumers are looking for – and often at a substantial discount. Add in an automatic microdonation to nonprofits ranging from The American Red Cross to the Special Olympics, per bid, and it’s a win-win situation; Biddees saves consumers money and harnesses their spending power to benefit causes.

Of course it’s not just the budget-conscious, everyday shopper who benefits from the burgeoning store card popularity. Retailers understand the value of maintaining customer loyalty and offering attractive pre-paid packages to their shoppers. Middlemen like are firmly in the shopper’s corner – stepping in to make sure that they pay no extra fees, no delivery charges and no hidden costs – just savings at the places they shop at the most.

So whether it’s Gucci, mock-croc or vinyl, it might just be time to ask…what’s in YOUR wallet?

This is a guest article by Steve Adler, CEO of Biddees, the first company to offer guaranteed savings on new, brand-name store cards while donating to each online shopper’s favorite nonprofit organization. More broadly, Biddees saves consumers money where they shop the most, either for necessity or pleasure. An entrepreneur himself, Steve founded, which he sold two years ago. He is also the founder of national retail outlet The Walking Company. Upon hearing about Biddees from its founder, Barry Shore, Steve was inspired to offer consumers an easy, fun way to save on their everyday needs, while doing good. On Biddees, everybody wins.

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