Does a Prepaid Debit Card plus a Money Management equal a Better Bank Account?

While traditional banks have been forced to cut high overdraft fees due to negative publicity and customer dissatisfaction, some believe that this doesn’t go far enough towards protecting consumer’s from unfair fees and improper charges. For those who want an alternative to traditional banking or credit cards, with all the risks of balance overdrafts and bad credit that accompanies these financial options, iBankUp may offer the answer.logo-ibankupiBankUp offers real time online money management of your prepaid debit account and online checking account. The new online service allows you to monitor transactions made on your prepaid account and for checks when you write them, not when they are cashed. The balance is monitored in real time- as soon as a transaction occurs, it posts to iBankUp. There are no delayed transactions or pending checks or charges that can cause you to accidentally overdraft your account.

Not only can you see how much money you have online, you can also use your cell phone or you face book account to do an up-to-the minute balance check on your account balance. So, if you are out and about and need to see if you can afford something, you now have the option to do so.

Anyone can sign up for an iBankUp account with just their social security number. You can deposit money online, via direct deposit, or at more then 60,000 retailers throughout the United States. There is no hidden fees and you can really monitor and manage your money more efficiently with these prepaid cards.

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