Don’t Run Your Budget Like Congress

Dec 16, 2011 – It appears as if our national legislators get to go home for the holidays after negotiators came to a 2012 agency spending agreement just 27 hours before the deadline. Once again, at the last minute, it seems lawmakers can compromise and avoid another potential government shutdown when under pressure. Needless to say, budgeting a nation,more or less a household should be a process of careful planning and decision making that isn’t necessarily done at a moment’s notice. Prepaid Debit Cards can be useful tools to assist you, not only in purchasing power, but financial management as well.

Advances in internet and mobile technologies now all but eliminate the need for a traditional bank account. There are several tools available offered by most prepaid cards that can help you plan and manage, as well as save you time and money:

  • Online Account Management – All prepaid products offer this in some form since there are typically no paper statements mailed to your home and no brick and mortar buildings to visit. Cards like NetSpend Visa simply provide you with login info to an online account center to check your balance, transaction and deposit histories.
  • Multiple Loading Options – You will have to load funds on your card and with the Walmart MoneyCard Visa, there are several methods to choose from including – direct deposit, cash or check at a Walmart retail store, a Walmart MoneyCenter Express automated teller, online bank transfer or a Green Dot MoneyPak cash reload.
  • Online Bill Pay – There is no need to write checks anymore. Just pay your utility, rent and other monthly bills through an online bill pay portal like “Rush Bill Pay” offered by the Black Diamond RushCard Visa. They even provide an online video demonstration on their website to show you how.
  • Mobile Money Management – People on the go need access to their account information. The Exact Prepaid MasterCard provides the convenience of mobile access with email and text alerts.
  • Other Financial Tools – The Mango MasterCard provides some rather unique financial gadgets not usually offered with other cards like an attached savings account, renter’s insurance and mutual fund investing tools.

There is no time like the present to get your financial house in order. Compare resources and prepaid alternatives that will help you create and reach your financial goals today!

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