FaceCard Announces New Look, New Features

On October 1, 2009, the folks behind the Facecard Prepaid Debit Card announced some great new features for their product.

Apparently, the “old” FaceCard was just a “beta” version (seems like a pretty good “beta”!), and the “new” FaceCard is the offiical version of their prepaid MasterCard product. Here are a few of the new features announced today:

  • More coupons and rewards (the Facecard team calls these “Facecard Prewards”).  Facecard members get lots of coupons and rewards delivered to them each month.  With the new launch, Facecard members will enjoy an average of $15 per month of extra cash in their pocket from favorite restaurants, stores and internet retailers.
  • Improved and enhanced “Parental Controls”:  When the Facecard is used as a teen debit card, parents can specify just how much control they want over their teen’s use of the card.  For example, parents can set up “alerts” so they know when their teen’s Facecard has been used (and where), when someone has gifted their teen, or if their teen is below a certain balance.
  • Facecard holders can now utilize direct deposit for free! Members can also set up recurring or one time payments for online bills through a Facecard account.
  • Facecard members can receive gifts of cash on their cards, and with the new changes, gifting just got quicker and easier. With the click of a button, the gift is on its way. No more searching through hundreds of “Smiths” for your cousin or best friend. Facecard’s innovative peer-to-peer gifting function allows members to pay back friends and family or send gifts by simply entering the name or email address, entering the amount and hitting “send.”
  • Do you (or your teen) FaceBook?  The new Facecard features allow gifting to Facecard members through FaceBook with their new Facecard Facebook app.  (check it out at http://apps.facebook.com/edogivemore/ and see how easy it is to give the gift of cash).
  • The Facecard Website also has a brand new look.   And, Facecard continues to expand its offering of rainbow colors adding pink and black to the mix. Colors include green, blue, orange, pink and black.

Check out the new Facecard today. You can read all about the Facecard debit card on our site.

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