Instead of Tebowing, Take Charge of Your Financial Future

Dec 14, 2011 – The current starting Denver Broncos quarterback and recent Heisman Trophy winner, Tim Tebow is taking the nation by storm with his unrelenting style of “never give up” football. Drawing an inordinate amount of chatter from football fans, religious and not-so-religious pundits, Tebow continues to advance his team onward to the top of their division. Rather than watch his team mate, Matt Prater kick a game winning field goal, Tim partakes in a patented ritual called “Tebowing“. Olympic skier, Lindsey Vonn is now doing it and even Nicki Minaj performs in a music video dedicated to the ever-kneeling Bronco’s QB. As the state of the U.S. economy continues to flounder, many a football fan and financially struggling households across the nation practice their own “Tebowing” ceremonies.

While it never hurts to pray, an additional course of action is to take a grapple hold on your financial situation and spend only what you can afford by planning and budgeting. Prepaid debit cards offer a great tool to take advantage of the widespread acceptance of a credit card with all of the online account management power of a checking account. Most prepaid cards will not allow you to go over the loaded balance on your card so say goodbye to bank overdraft fees. Also, credit checks are a thing of the past because prepaid card companies do not require them. Need cash? No problem. ATM withdrawals are a common use for most cards, although if you don’t like ATM fees, then get cash over while shopping at one of your local merchants (make sure your prepaid card doesn’t have a cash over fee).

We need to insert a warning here…ALL prepaid cards typically come with some sort of fee structure. Lots of cards have low fees that are competitive with a traditional bank account. What is most important to you as a cardholder will determine which prepaid card best fits your needs and Tebowing won’t help you. You need to find a trusted resource and compare the features and fees of which prepaid card works for you.

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