Magnificent Mobile Money Management using Prepaid Debit

We are a busy society. The constant demands put on our lives (often times by ourselves) have reached epic proportions – travel to work, pick up the dry cleaning, take the kids to soccer practice, pick up the kids from ballet class, put gas in the car, cook dinner, go to your bosses’ birthday party, do your taxes, go grocery shopping, clean the house……whew, I’m not sure how we all do it. The good news is that technology is on our side, well, most of the time. Assuming your mobile device is functional and you have accessibility to the internet, you can manage your finances anytime, any place.

Many prepaid cards currently have at least an online account management system to check your balance and see your monthly statements. In fact, many prepaid companies actually charge a fee to mail paper statements, so you should be somewhat tech savy if you are signing up for a debit card. To compete with the big “traditional” banking empire, prepaid entrepreneurs and program managers are continually adding more value to their products through technological breakthroughs in mobile phone banking. Here are a few:

Text Alerts

Text alerts indicating available balances, approved or decline transactions, recent bill pay activity and funds load confirmations are all pretty standard mobile functions for most cards including the PayPower Visa Prepaid Card. You can also manage or discontinue your text alert preferences by logging into your PayPower account.

Account Management

The RushCard Plus Prepaid Visa is an example of a card with superior mobile account management features including deposit notification, low available balance, transaction above set limit, close to spending limit, Rush Bill Pay, budget amount exceeded, customer service notifications (two-way text feature), money transfer, as well as sweepstakes and promotion announcements.

Bill Payment

The READYdebit prepaid card has an excellent online bill pay feature that other cards do not. Just login to your card account and click “Bill Pay” located on the left side of the online mobile screen.

Smartphone Apps

By downloading the FREE Mango Smartphone Apps and YAP(TM) Mobile Payments you can send or receive money via mobile device, as well as manage your Mango MasterCard prepaid card account from almost anywhere.

Card-to-Card Money Transfer

By simply sending a text message, ACE Elite Visa prepaid cardholders can send funds to family and friends also holding ACE prepaid cards.

Prepaid banking companies seem to be intent on making large strides to meet the ever demanding needs of their customers. With less overhead in the form of imense payrolls and an abundance of brick and mortar real estate, prepaid businesses have a huge opportunity to continue to meet future cardholder needs.

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