NetSpends Great New Features

NetSpend has long been a leader in the pre-paid debit world. With the addition of two exciting new features- online financial management tools and virtual cards- NetSpend now has even more to offer their customers. Both Virtual Cards and NetSpend’s new online financial management tools are designed to add functionality and features to your existing NetSpend prepaid debit cards.

Virtual credit cards provides a safe and secure method of making online purchases and doing other virtual transactions. The virtual card feature allows you to create a new temporary card with a new card number, so you do not have to provide your actual prepaid debit card number for transactions.

You can create and delete a virtual card at any time, so your potential liabilty is limited when providing the card number. Furthermore, if you lose your existing debit card, you can create a virtual card and avoid the waiting period for replacing your existing card.

As exciting as the new Virtual Card option is, the new financial management procedures are perhaps even more beneficial to customers. This new online tool allows you to track your spending and purchasing behavior online. You can set spending limits in certain categories and monitor your spending and budget to see if you are keeping on track, all online through NetSpends “Report Cards” and virtual budgeting application.

These new features, designed to give customers both security from outside transactions and the security of knowing exactly where your money is going, are both great additions to the NetSpend line of services. Read more about these new features here to learn how they can benefit you.

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