New “POWR” Terminal Provides Improved Cash Load Options for Prepaid Cards

POWR Machine

POWR Machine

Reloading prepaid debit and cash cards has just become easier, with the announcement of new the Point of Wealth Registers. Although currently installed only in Portland test markets, these new Point of Wealth registers may provide an easy, economical method of reloading prepaid debit cards with cash. Point of Wealth Registers were designed by Doug Lindstrom, a former bartender, as a solution for those who work in a cash-economy or who get paid primarily in cash. They are designed to provide customers with an easy method of transferring cash to various accounts, such as savings accounts, retirement accounts or prepaid debit accounts.

Point of Walth Registers, or POWRs as they are called for short, allow customers to access prepaid debit accounts via a touch screen terminal and a pin number. Customers can deposit the cash into their account using the machine, and the account number.

Found in bars and restaurants, these new POWR ability to instantly deposit cash on their prepaid cards. This method of reloading prepaid debit cards may prove to not only be cost effective, but also convenient as well as the terminals become available in more and more locations.

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