Prepaid Cards for Sharing Money: A Look at TransCash, Corp.

Transcash Debit CardsPrepaid debit cards and debit card platforms provide a great foundation for companies to build payment systems that solve different consumer problems. Today, we take a look at how a Southern California Company, TransCash Corp., is using prepaid debit cards to meet the needs of consumers who need a convenient and inexpensive way to share funds with family members or other cardholders.

Although TransCash has been in operation since 2002, they have only recently launched their TransCash cards designed to make it easy for cardholders to share money with remote family members or other cardholders.

The TransCash Prepaid Cards

The TransCash product is a set of two prepaid Visa debit cards, conveying all rights and privileges to load money and enjoy purchasing goods and services everywhere Visa is accepted worldwide. It also provides the easiest and least expensive way to transfer funds to loved ones around the world.

The TransCash cards come in packages of two cards: one black card and one red card. The customer who will be loading money onto the cards keeps the black card and simply gives the red card to the person they wish to share money with. The person can be located anywhere in the world. The customer with the black card can then transfer money online or over the phone and the funds are immediately available to the holder of the red card. Best of all, this service is free and the cards are usable anywhere in the world where Visa is accepted.

Transcash Prepaid Cards

Loading the TransCash Prepaid Debit Card

There are many different ways to load the TransCash cards, including:

  • TransCash Kiosk – Currently these kiosks are only located in Central and Southern California but TransCash is a growing company and is always looking for opportunities to open new kiosks.
  • Visa Readylink Reload – These types of loads can be made at thousands of locations all across the country.
  • Bank to Card Transfer – Automatically transfer funds from a bank account to a TransCash prepaid debit card.
  • Direct Deposit – Cardholders can sign up to automatically have their paycheck deposited directly onto their primary TransCash card.

TransCash Card Usage Tips:

  • The easiest way to save money is using a Payroll card and having direct deposit. Customers save time and money because there is no fee to sign up for direct deposit.
  • Statements are always available online and customers can always check their account balances over the phone.
  • Customers can avoid having to pay an ATM fee by using the cash back service.
  • This is an excellent way of sending money to friends and family all over the world as there are no fees for sharing money from card to card and the TransCash cards are accepted anywhere Visa is accepted.

TransCash Card Fee Schedule:

TransCash provides detailed information about the fees associated with using and loading the TransCash cards at:

Note: The TransCash card is issued by Palm Desert National Bank pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A., Inc. TransCash is a registered ISO of Palm Desert National Bank.

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