Prepaid Debit Card User Wins $10,000 from Visa

unirush-rushcardRush Card, a prepaid debit card by Visa, held a contest between May 1 and June 31, 2009. Prepaid debit users who made a direct deposit to their prepaid debit card were entered to win a $10,000 prize. The content was designed both to reward Rush Card users and to encourage financially responsible behavior.

By directly depositing paychecks or other income checks onto your prepaid debit card, you avoid check cashing fees and have safe and reliable access to your money through a prepaid debit card. The winner of the contest, Ebony Pleas, had her tax refund check directly deposited onto her account.

Pleas is delighted to have won the $10,000. She plans to use it to help purchase a home for her and her three children, giving them a new start with a sound financial basis.

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