Prepaid Debit Cards Add Savings Option

Prepaid debit cards have long provided a check-cashing and spending alternative for those wishing to escape the fees and traps of traditional banks, as well as a great paperless payroll solution for employees and employers alike. Now, prepaid debit cards have moved even further into the field of bank-replacement by offering their customers the opportunity to save. FSV Payment Systems, a leader in prepaid debit card programs for payroll rebates, announced on September 21 that they will be offering savings accounts to their PaycheckPlus members, as well as other cardholders. The savings accounts will pay a competitive interest rate, and those with an FSV Prepaid Card can open an account with as little as $10.00 to start.

It is easy to open the account online or via phone, and FSV Payment Systems even offers the opportunity to transfer money automatically into the savings account whenever the prepaid debit card is reloaded. There is no fee to open or maintain the account, and customer’s can withdraw money for any reason.
Jonathan Palmer, the President CEO of FSV, touts the savings feature as a “smart way to save. ” In a troubled economy where saving for a rainy day has never been more important, this exciting new service is an important addition to the many services available to FSV prepaid card holders. Read more about this helpful new service here.

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