Prepaid Debit Cards Now Accepted at Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Prepaid debit cards are becoming a more widely accepted and more widely used method of payment. As an alternative to traditional bank accounts, prepaid debit cards are often easier and less expensive to use. As more and more people begin to embrace prepaid to this new method of payment for customers. The card will function both as a method of payment and as an identification card, containing the owner’s photograph, membership information and medical ID number. This will allow customers to streamline the purchasing process, and allow dispensaries a safe and efficient way of accepting payments and ensuring compliance with the law.

The cards will be reloadable at PCI complaint gateways available at dispensaries, online, and via paypal. If the card is lost or stolen, it can be canceled immediately by calling an 800 number.

This new prepaid card will provide a safer and easier alternative to cash and streamline the buying process by coming payment method with identification.

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