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Black Friday usually gets all of the attention as the number one holiday shopping day of the year. Today, people will be back at the office and during their lunch hour, will be pounding the keyboard in search of that perfect Christmas gift for Mom, Dad and even Uncle Henry. In the past few years, it has been estimated that Cyber Monday sales have soared past $750 million and that this year revenues might even reach $1 billion. And you can bet your Aunt Fanny that prepaid debit cards will be a large part of those numbers.

Personally, I am amazed at the amount of email traffic that I have received from some of my favorite retailers like,,, and You can also visit some other sites dedicated entirely to Cyber Monday and the best deals out there including,, and

If you haven’t gotten your new prepaid debit card or are confused about which one works best for you, consider checking out our website, We research and rate several prepaid cards available on the market. Not all cards are created equal and we always encourage people to shop around and read the fine print. To give you a taste, we have listed some of our favorite prepaid products below. Happy Online Shopping!

  • NetSpend MasterCard – NetSpend is considered to be the largest and fastest-growing prepaid card processor and marketer in the country with several card versions to choose from.
  • ACE Elite Visa – ACE offers different prepaid plans to choose from for customers with different needs.
  • READYdebit Visa– This card also comes in different varieties and has a lot of powerful features.
  • BillMyParents Reloadable Spend Smart MasterCard – It’s not too late to set up a holiday budget for your teens and some peace of mind for yourself with this prepaid teen card designed with parental controls and your childs financial education in mind.
  • Vision Premier Visa– This card comes with some additional features not found with many other cards including 1% cash back on purchases, free roadside assistance and a free savings account.

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