RushCard Announces New Ways To Save Using Your Prepaid Debit RushCard

unirush-rushcardUniRush, LLC, the company behind the popular RushCard prepaid Visa cards, today announced several new features that will allow RushCard holders to save even more money during tax season.
In a press release earlier today, UniRush LLC announced several new features that will save RushCard holders money during tax season.

The new features include a card to card transfer that will allow cardholders to send money to other RushCard holders for free, and the ability to directly deposit U.S. income tax refunds into your RushCard account.

The combination of the two features will allow RushCard holders to quickly and inexpensively get access to their income tax refunds, and then transfer money to family or friends with no charge.

Russell Simmons, the founder of RushCard, described the features this way:

By giving our members the ability to move funds via a mobile phone and to schedule their money transfers in advance, RushCard has changed the game for funds transfers. No one should be forced to pay higher fees to transfer much-needed money to a loved one or to save. Now, RushCard gives them a very convenient, much more affordable way to make these important transactions.

Read the full press release here.

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