RushCard Celebrates First Anniversary of Its Rewards Program

unirush-rushcardOne of our customer’s favorite prepaid debit cards (the RushCard) recently announced a first anniversary to celebrate – the first anniversary of their unique rewards program.

On August 6, 2009, UniRush LLC, the folks behind the Prepaid Visa RushCard, announced that their unique rewards program is approaching its first anniversary. The RushCard rewards program is fairly unique in the prepaid world. RushCard cardholders receive targeted financial savings on products that they already purchase.

The program has been available to RushCard cardholders since 2008, and give cardholders up to date information about how they could save money on the products they purchase using their RushCards.

According to UniRush, in a survey they recently conducted, RushCard members reported that RushCard’s online suite of money tools, including the merchant offers-based rewards program, helped them to save money. More than half of RushCard’s members reported that money management tools, including discounts, have helped them save more than $300 annually. Thirty percent said they are saving more than $600 a year. Members are saving money on everything from clothes and food to entertainment and travel.

“We’re able to reward our members with relevant offers by continuously analyzing their spend history and looking at the spend categories that will give them the greatest savings benefit,” said Ram Palaniappan, RushCard’s General Manager. “Our members are rewarded for their loyalty. The more spending history we have, the more meaningful the offers we are able to present to them. This helps our members save money on everyday items and to stretch the dollars they have budgeted even further.”

The merchant offers-based rewards programs, RushCard’s online budgeting tools and sweepstakes programs are encouraging hundreds of Americans to better manage their money. In addition, RushCard helps members build a positive credit file. RushCard is the only prepaid debit card to allow members to choose to have their transactions reported to multiple credit reporting agencies.

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