RushCard Uses Social Networking to Connect With Customers

rushcard uses facebookRussell Simmons is a new “face” on Facebook assisting RushCard to help improve the financial skills of many social networkers who are struggling to make progress toward the goal of financial empowerment. RushCard’s Facebook page is offering the stage to people who have endured various financial misfortunes and to share their stories and struggles to becoming better money managers.

Simmons is a successful American entrepreneur and co-founder of the renowned hip-hop label, Def Jam as well as the creator of the clothing fashion lines Phat Farm, Argyleculture, and American Classics. Simmons has been inviting RushCard members and non-members to share their personal experiences, through video or text, of how they have improved their financial skills. Russell is then selecting eight weekly winners to receive a $1,000 Prepaid Visa RushCard and responding to each winner with a personal video message created to commend and motivate those who are struggling to progress toward financial empowerment.

Simmons was recently quoted:

“It’s important to understand the everyday experiences of those who are struggling financially. You don’t have to go undercover, you don’t have to skew the facts, all you have to do is talk to people. Talk to those who can’t catch a break or who haven’t been given the right tools and education. Many of them are talking on”

Many entrants are sharing both the positive and negative experiences life has taught them in money management. Some share their financial goals and obstacles and others are share financial tips and solutions for overcoming poor money management.

RushCard has been a quintessential tool that has assisted many people to dig themselves out from under large debt. By using programs such as RushCard, overdrawing bank accounts and incurring huge overdraft fees can become a thing of the past. Still others employ RushCards to save money for children and to operate a business. To read an assortment of individual personal stories, visit

Ram Palaniappan, RushCard’s General Manager said:

“This forum on our Facebook page is becoming a powerful testament to those who don’t understand the purpose and value of prepaid debit cards when compared to traditional banking and check-cashing institutions. Our fees are transparent and our goal is to keep the fees as low as possible so that our members can experience more benefits.”

Headquartered in Cincinnati, UniRush LLC was created to offer the over 48 million Americans without access to a traditional banking relationship an array of basic financial services via the Prepaid Visa RushCard. Benefits of the program include direct deposit, the ability to withdraw funds at over 850,000 ATMs globally, the ability to use the card wherever Visa debit cards are accepted and free 24/7 customer service. For more information about UniRush and RushCard visit

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