Shell Offers Smart Spending & Savings

Shell Saver CardShell is offering a great opportunity to students to save money on one of those fundamental and unavoidable expenses: gasoline. The Shell Saver Card offers students a five cent per gallon discount on every purchase of gasoline between now and December 31, when they use their Shell Saver Card to purchase the gasoline. The Shell Saver Card is not a credit card and you don’t even need to open a new bank account to get the card.The Shell Saver Card links to your existing debit card account and draws money directly from the account when you use it to purchase gasoline or other items at Shell gas stations. There are no annual fees, no inquiry posts on your credit report, and you cannot overdraft the account.

Simply sign up at a Shell gas station or online at Because this is not a credit card, no application is required and no credit check is necessary. Provide your bank account information to link your Shell Saver card, and begin racking up the savings.

After the promotional period ends, the savings continues. Shell will still give a discount of .02 cents per gallon for all purchases made with the Shell saver card. This savings can really add up for students, who often have to take long road trips home around the Holidays or for vacations and who consequently use a lot of gasoline.

While the discount only applies to gasoline purchases, students can use their Shell Saver cards to purchase anything at Shell stores. The convenience of putting all of your gasoline purchases on one card will also allow you to track your gas spending so that you know where your money is going. It is a great way for students, who may be just starting out with managing their own money, to begin to track their spending and learn the importance of wise financial decisions.

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