SmartyPig Introduces a Low Fee Rewards MasterCard Debit Card

SmartyPig Prepaid Debit MasterCardSmartyPig (an online, “goal-based” savings company) announced the launch of their SmartyPig Cash Rewards Prepaid MasterCard®. The card comes with low fees, including no monthly maintenance fee or customer service fees. Combined with the SmartyPig goal-based saving approach, the prepaid card allows savers to maximize their savings with up to 10% cash back and a wide network of merchants.

The new SmartyPig prepaid card improves on SmartyPig’s earlier prepaid offering in a number of ways.

The new prepaid SmartyPig MasterCard includes a number of great, low-fee features, including:

  • No Monthly Maintenance Fees
  • No fees to load funds onto the card
  • Free PIN and signature debit transactions
  • Free customer service
  • Free email alerts

These free features are great, but what we really like about the card is that it allows you to earn automatic cash back when you use the card to make purchases at select retailers across the U.S. The cash-back savings that are earned can then be transferred back to your SmartyPig savings account to you reach your savings goal more quickly. The rewards can also be left on the SmartyPig Cash Rewards Prepaid MasterCard to apply toward future purchases.

The cash rewards can add up quickly, with up to 10% cash back from over 9,000 participating merchants.

We like the simple fee structure as well as the clear terms and conditions. The SmartyPig Cash Rewards MasterCard is a fee-friendly way to save.

The card is issued by the First National Bank of Omaha and are FDIC insured.

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