TransCash Dual Pack Money Transfer Cards Now Available Online

TransCash, Corporation, a financial services company, based in Los Angeles, California, has announced the launch of an online portal that will make available its Visa Prepaid “dual pack” over the web. The “dual pack” is a funds transfer package set up for the benefit of sharing money between a principal card (black) and a companion card (red).

The TransCash prepaid debit card dual pack can be purchased online at the TransCash website. The black card serves as the primary card and once activated, funds can be deposited onto the card. The primary card then can be used for an inexpensive and fast money transfer to the red companion card for use by an immediate family member. Both cards have the ability to withdrawal funds and make purchases. On the website, customers are offered three load choices of $20, $50 and $100. Basic information including name, address, phone number and one piece of identification (per the Know Your Customer guidelines) will be collected. Once the customer is approved online, the dual pack will be sent through the mail.

Charles Cohen, CEO of TransCash stated:

“Selling our product online is an important step for our brand, as it is part of our plan to roll out our product across America. Online availability will allow us to be more competitive in the market. It will also give customers the option to purchase our product without leaving the comfort of their own home.”

According to TransCash, costs for the card sharing of funds online or over the phone is included in the monthly fee (see fees chart on website) and the cards can be used wherever Visa is accepted. Other prepaid card functions described by TransCash include convenience, safety, no credit check and immediate access to wages. For more information about TransCash and their prepaid debit card offerings, visit

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