Virtual Checkbook for Prepaid Cards

2360446_de85_625x625Plastyc Inc. provides another exciting new feature to the world of prepaid debit cards. While prepaid debit cards are accepted anywhere major credit cards are accepted, users who preferred these alternatives to traditional banks were typically left without access to checks. Unfortunately, some companies require payment to be made by check, leaving these customers without an easy alternative.

Plastyc provides the solution with an online virtual checkbook. As part of a partnership with Integration Inc., customers can now long on to the website of the UPside card or iBankUP and request that a paper check by sent on their behalf.

Customers can request that checks by sent to any recipient, and can specify the date that they want the check sent. Checks are mailed to the intended recipient in a secured envelope and you can even include a Memo note on the Memo line of the check. This is a true alternative to paper check writing that makes electronic payments a breeze.

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