Visa Debit Provides New Payment Options for Consumers

visa_logoVisa has recently released a new Visa Debit card that provides enhanced features to Canadian consumers. The card will allow debit users to use their Visa debit cards to shop in person, online, or via phone or mail. The Visa Debit card will offer enhanced features and protection for Visa Debit card holders as well, including the same fraud protections available to standard Visa credit card holders. Cardholders will be able to use their debit cards at point-of-sale transactions, as well as to make purchases online and over the phone. This will provide increased payment options for customers who prefer to use debit cards or who do not have access to traditional credit cards, and will provide benefits to retailers who may be able to attract an untapped customer base in debit card users.

Card holders will enjoy advanced features, and can feel comfortable using the debit card because they will not be held liable for unauthorized transactions or charges. A study conducted by Visa suggests that this card may be very popular, as three out of four people reported that they would prefer additional debit card and payment options.

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