Western Union Adds New Pre-Paid Visa Card

2388391_4c45_625x625Western Union has announced the release of their new pre-paid Visa card just in time for the holiday season. In a rough economic climate, few gifts are as well-received as a pre-paid card that can be used anywhere; thus, it is no wonder that seven out of ten Americans anticipates giving cash or a gift card in the 2009-2010 Holiday season. Western Union’s exciting new prepaid offering gives consumers another way to give a pre-paid gift card as a gift. The new prepaid Visa card is available in almost fifty different greeting card designs, with themes to match any gift-givers needs. There are three shipping options, including Fed-Ex overnight, to ensure your gift gets to your recipient on time. Finally, the receiver of the pre-paid card can use it anywhere where Visa is accepted.

Cardholders are protected by a number of great features unique to the new Western Union card. First, the card is activated by a phone call when the person receives it, instead of at the point of purchase. This is a great safeguard in case the prepaid Visa gets lost in delivery. Second, users are not responsible for fraud or unauthorized charges. Finally, if the card is lost or stolen, it can be replaced.

The stylish design, the ease of ordering and the protections available make this new Western Union prepaid Visa gift card a great alternative to cash this holiday season!

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