First Bank & Trust

Issuer: First Bank & TrustFirst Bank and Trust

Headquarters:Brookings, South Dakota

Parent Company: Fishback Financial Corporation

Website: First Bank & Trust

FDIC Status: First Bank & Trust (FDIC Cert: 3973) is FDIC Insured. First Bank & Trust has been FDIC insured since January 1, 1934. It was established on November 2, 1925.

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Overview of First Bank & Trust (and their parent, Fishback Financial Corporation)
First Bank & Trust is a bank owned by Fishback Financial Corporation (FFC). FFC is one of South Dakota’s largest privately held financial holding companies with five subsidiary banks and assets totaling nearly $1.6 billion. The present First Bank & Trust celebrated its opening on November 2, 1925. Security National Bank, as it was then known, opened its doors during an extremely difficult time for business in South Dakota. Three Brookings banks had failed and a fourth bank failure was imminent. The local paper reported, “The new bank starts off with the brightest of prospects for a splendid business career, with the confidence of the entire community and the realization that it is filling a real need in Brookings.”

First Bank & Trust is the issuer for a number of prepaid debit card programs, including the affinity debit cards from Tempo, and the Revolution Money cards (although this may change now that Revolution Money has been acquired by American Express).

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