How to Load Money on a nFinanSe Discover Card

An nFinanSe Discover card can be used for purchases or to withdraw cash from an ATM anywhere you see the Discover logo. Unlike a regular Discover credit card, there are no interest charges or monthly payments. You never need to worry about exceeding your credit limit or bank overdraft fees. You can add funds to your nFinanSe Discover card in various ways.

Fund your nFinanSe Discover Card at a Reload Center

Nationwide, there are more than 80,000 locations where you can reload your nFinanSe Discover card. Almost all Western Union and MoneyGram locations offer the service, and a great many retail stores do also.

If you choose to add funds at a reload center, take your card and the cash to reload it, plus a small fee that the retailer charges. MoneyGram and Western Union do not have uniform fees, but most retailers charge $2.95.

Fund your nFinanSe Discover Card using Direct Deposit

Most companies offer employees the direct deposit option, so if yours does, you can choose to have your payroll check deposited to your nFinanSe Discover card. You may also elect to have payments you receive from Social Security, the VA, or other government benefits checks added by direct deposit. Your state and federal income tax refunds can also be direct deposited to your nFinanSe card.

Use the direct deposit authorization form that you received in the mail with your new card. This has the routing and account numbers already printed on it. If you do not have this form, go to the nFinanSe website, log in, and follow the prompts to print out another direct deposit form.

• For paychecks, complete the form and turn it in to whoever is in charge of payroll at your company.
• For government checks, mail the completed form to the agency that issues your checks. You can also sign up for direct deposits online at
• For tax refunds, there is no need to attach a form for federal returns and most state returns. You just enter the routing number and account number in the space provided near the refund amount line.

Fund your nFinanSe Discover Card using Bank Transfers

If you wish, you can fund your nFinanSe Discover account by using your existing checking or savings account. You would transfer the funds from your bank’s online center. Enter the routing and account numbers that correspond to your nFinanSe account when prompted for the information for the receiving account. These numbers will be on the form that arrived with your card, or you can find them at the nFinanSe website by logging in and following the direct deposit links.

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