How to Load Money onto a Facecard MasterCard

If you are in need of a credit card but do not want or cannot get a Visa or Mastercard with a credit line you probably have a prepaid credit card. One of these credit cards is the Facecard prepaid MasterCard. This card is acceptable wherever you might use a Mastercard debit card. Since it is affiliated with Mastercard there are literally thousands of places you can use your reload prepaid card.

Reloading is simply the act of adding funds to the prepaid card so that you can continue to use it. When you open one of these cards you can only spend up to the amount you have deposited on it. As that amount goes down due to usage you need to add more funds if you want to continue to use the card. For the Facecard MasterCard there are a few different ways that you can accomplish this and both are simple.

The two methods are:

• Transferring funds from your checking or savings account
• Charging your other credit card or debit card for the amount you want

Transferring Funds to your Facecard MasterCard

This method usually takes 4-7 days to complete. You would simply enter the checking or savings account number and routing number of your financial institution into your account (located online) and request the transfer between the two. In some cases you can sign up your checking account, go through a verification process and then have that account linked to your prepaid card. The transaction will then be processed and completed in a few days.

Credit Card Charge to Load Your Facecard MasterCard

If you have another credit card with available credit you can always charge the amount you want onto that card to be deposited onto your Facecard Mastercard. As with any reload prepaid card the method to reload the card is kept simple. The credit card option is not only simple (instructions and completion are completed online in your account) but it is almost instant. The transaction will usually take less than an hour to appear on your prepaid card.

These are the only ways that you can reload your account however, both are very simple and the process is outlined step by step online so that you will have no difficulty completing the action and keeping available credit on your card.

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