How to Load Money Onto an AccountNow MasterCard

The AccountNow MasterCard is a prepaid MasterCard debit card. The card has a number of options for you to reload (or load) money onto the card.

How is money credited to my card without a checking account?

People eligible for direct deposit of their paycheck or government benefits can have their money sent directly to their AccountNow MasterCard free of charge. If the employer or agency uses direct deposit, a cardholder just needs to fill out a simple form and give it to their employer, just like direct deposit for a checking account. Most employers and government agencies prefer direct deposit to paper checks these days. It saves time and effort for both the employers or agencies as well as the recipients of the funds.

A cardholder can also go to several stores and banks to reload prepaid card as well. Stores such as Walmart and CVS are agents for Moneygram, a money transfer service. Any place that displays the Moneygram trademark will gladly accept cash and transfer it to the AccountNow MasterCard.

Western Union is another money transfer agent that accepts cash for the AccountNow MasterCard. Western Union is available at stores such as Kroger, Safeway and RiteAid that display the Western Union logos reload prepaid card services. Many banks are also Western Union and Moneygram agents.

Green Dot agents also accept cash and post it immediately to the AccountNow card. Kmart, Walgreen’s and 7-11 stores with the Green Dot logos will provide this service for cardholders.

Finally, any VISA Readylink agent can reload the AccountNow Visa card. Vons, Randalls, Safeway and any other location that displays the Visa Readylink trademark will gladly provide this service.

What fees are charged to reload the AccountNow MasterCard?

AccountNow does not charge fees for cardholder reloading deposits. Direct deposit is free. Moneygram, Western Union, and Green Dot charge $3.95 to $5.00 to reload the card. Just ask the agent for the exact fee amount.

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