How to Load Money Onto an UPSide Visa Card

The UPside Visa cards are designed for use by customers aged 13 to 25 years old. It is a prepaid Visa debit card that is controlled by a parent or guardian of the cardholder. The card is in the child’s name. Even though a parent’s name is on the account as a manager of the card account, it will not affect the parent’s credit score. No credit check is required to get the card. Parents like the card because it allows them to monitor the child’s spending and since it is a Visa debit card, it is safer than cash. It is really good for parents with children attending college in another city or state. Parents can even set up a low balance alert so money can be transferred to the card. There are several ways to load money onto an UPSide Visa card.

How is money transferred to an UPside Visa Card?

There are several options for transferring money to the card. The most common method is a direct debit transfer from the parent’s checking account. The link between the parent’s checking account is a requirement for the UPside Visa card. This link is set up with the initial application for the card. Since it is a Visa debit card, these debits are done in real time. The funds are available within 1 business day. There is no fee for this transfer.

Parents can also reload prepaid card with their own credit or debit card. There is a small fee for this, currently $2.50. Since it is a credit/debit card to UPside Visa debit card transfer, the funds are immediately available. Parents like this option to provide emergency funds to the cardholder.

What if the parent cannot access their checking account or credit card?

Parents can use a Green Dot Moneypak to reload prepaid card if their checking account and credit/debit card are unavailable. There are 60,000 Green Dot agents in the USA, ranging from Kroger to Radio Shack to Walmart. Once the moneypak is purchased just go online to or call 1-800-greendot, their telephone reload prepaid card service number.

Can the child reload the UPside Visa card?

Yes, if the child has an employer that uses direct deposit, the child completes a simple form and give it to the employer. The direct deposit funds will be available on the payday date. This is the only way the child can reload the UPside Visa debit card.

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