How to set up Direct Deposit for Discover Current Card

Direct deposit is the easiest way to add money to your Discover Current card. It takes only a few minutes, and parents can choose several funding sources, including direct deposit of their paycheck or benefits check. Teens can also choose to have their own payroll checks loaded onto their cards by direct deposit.

Direct deposits are not instantaneous, and it usually takes at least one payroll cycle before they begin. However, once established, you can rest easy knowing that your pay will be available on pay day, no matter where you are.

The primary instrument you will need to establish a direct deposit is a direct deposit authorization form. One would have been included with the card Discover mailed to you. You can also print one online by going to, logging in, and following the links.

Using Government Benefits Checks to make a Direct Deposit

If you wish to have monthly government benefits checks applied to your Discover Current card account, you may use either of these options.

• Complete the online direct deposit authorization at This is a website sponsored by the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department. You may need to know the check number and amount of the last payment you received, in addition to your Discover Current card routing and account numbers.
• Use the direct deposit form included with your card or print one out at the Discover website. Log in to your account and follow the links to direct deposit. The form will already have all your information on it, so you just need to print it, sign it, and mail it to the agency that issues your checks.

Using your Paycheck to make a Direct Deposit

If your employer allows you to choose direct deposit as a payroll option, you can use your paycheck to fund your Discover Current card.

• Use the direct deposit authorization form that came with the card Discover mailed to you. Fill it in, sign it, and return it to your employer. If your company requires you to use a special form, simply transfer the information from the Discover form to your employer’s.
• If you do not have the form that came with your card, log in to your online account at the Discover site. Navigate to the direct deposit form, print it, sign it, and give it to your employer.

Using a Credit Card or Bank Account to make a Direct Deposit

Parents can log in to their online account at the Discover site to establish automatic deposits to the teen’s card. Parents can choose whether to use a credit card, savings account, or checking account as the source of the funds.

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