No Fee Gift Cards from Visa and American Express

One of the most popular holiday gifts this season is a gift card. Each year, gift cards are the top gift requested by millions of people. There lots of things to like about gift cards, but one of the top reasons is that the recipient gets to choose when and where they use their gift.

Here are two of our most popular no fee gift cards.

No Fee Visa Gift Cards from

Last year, GiftCards .com took a leadership role in gift card innovation, announcing a no fee Visa gift card. That’s right, no more monthly fees. No more gift card maintenance fees. No more annual fees. (you get the idea).

Buy a Visa gift card, and you (or your lucky gift recipient) will enjoy a prepaid gift card that can be used anywhere Visa is accepted (which is just about everywhere) that has no maintenance, monthly or annual fees.* Not only are you getting the perfect gift when you purchase a Visa gift card, but you’re also receiving peace of mind. That’s because there are no more fees! No more maintenance fees, monthly fees, or annual fees! Take the hassle out of holiday shopping this year with a prepaid Visa gift card. No matter what the occasion, gift cards make great gifts for anyone. And there hasn’t been a better time to buy. Each of our gift card designs comes with the option to include a high quality, personalized greeting card with it. Just choose your design, write a personalized message for the inside, and send it off! Perfect for birthdays, weddings, holidays, and more!

*Please note that an International transaction fee of 3% and a $2.00 flat conversion fee still apply.

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No Fee American Express Gift Cards

American Express is the trusted source for great gift cards that can be used almost anywhere. These cards are great as personal gifts as well as for business gifts and incentives.

American Express Giftcards

American Express always offers amazing shipping and delivery deals during the holiday season, and this year is no exception. If you order before December 5, 2010, you’ll get 50% off Shipping on American Express Gift Cards. Make sure to use this code: GEN350.

Last year, when the new gift card rules were announced, American Express stepped up and took a leadership position in the gift card industry, announcing that their Gift Cards NEVER EXPIRE, and that there are NO FEES charged after you purchase your card (that’s right, unlike some other gift cards there are no monthly fees or dormancy fees).

As with all gift cards, the Visa gift cards and American Express gift cards do have a small purchase or shipping and handling fee. However, both of the cards listed here have no further fees (that’s why we refer to them as “no fee Visa gift cards” and “no fee American Express gift cards”). The fees are reasonable — you get a great gift card that your recipient can use almost anywhere for a low up front cost.

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