Question/Answer: GM Business Card Earnings?

You guys might also have this question so I’m posting it here with a good answer too. It comes from ‘Aay’ who asks:

Hi,I currently have ’10 Chevy Traverse and I’m currently in the market for a midsize SUV Im thinking the ’13 Toyota Higlanander, ’13 Nissan Pathfinder, ’13 GMC Acadia or the ’13 Buick Enclave.I have the GM “business card” which is issued by “chase”. I currently have about $700 in earnings.This card offeres Unlimited Earnings and Unlimited Redemption (sort of like the old GM card except that it only earns 1% on standard purchases, 3% on Gas and office supplies, 5% in GM Purchases)With this business card, I should also get a $500 statement credit after a new purchase or leaseread more about this $500 and card in general recently received a GM Flyer with a top-off offer of $1000 (I’m kinda pissed that i did NOT get the $3000 top-off binus that many others did.. I spend like $50k per year on this card..). In the same flyer it also states that I’ll get “an exclusive private offer” of an “additional” $1000 which comes with a 1 time use dedicated certificate number. So if I have it right – (and If there are any GM dealers other knowledges people, I’d appreciate if you could correct me if I’m wrong) – If I decide to take the offers and finance or lease the new Enclave, or Acadia, I should be eligible for the following “on top” of all the standard monthly rebates and cash back:The standard monthly Buick enclave incentive rebate (and what is it for this month?)My $700 in earnings The $500 statement credit (see above link for the GM Business Choice Progaram)The $1000 Top-off expiring offerThe $1000 exclusive private offer (also expiring)I “might” consider the enclave or Acadia if a decent deal can be achieved..Can someone familiar with the process tell me if I’m right? Or once I arrive to the dealer they’ll play this game.. Oh you’re not really eligible for this and this.. Or they might see what i’m eligible for in advance and adjust their negotiation prices accordingly.. (have had this in the past..)@humveetech, i appreciate your advise and I actually tried more than once both of your methods.. When I call the number in back of the card (which is chase business card services) they say they don’t know anything about it and I have to discuss it with the dealer and when I discussed it with 2 dealers both of them pretended as if they have no idea what I’m talking about… Aperenatly they don’t like seeing people driving off their lots with a new GM at a good price… Perhaps GM deducts part of their share?

Answer: NO matter there is pre approved credit card offers have so many plans to you get a real chance to you its easy get it and enjoy your self thank you


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