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Go to: Merchant Account Credit Card Processing The Only “Cash Back” Merchant Account Credit Card Processing * Lower Rates PLUS Cash Back Every Month * Ongoing “MatchRate” Guarantee * Terminal, POS, Online & Wireless Solutions * Free Equipment Programs * Cancellation Fee Reimbursement * 7 Minute “Paperless” Application * 24 Customer and Technical Support How much cash back will I get from my merchant account? You will receive 25% of the commission paid to MatchRate PLUS from your merchant How do I get my cash? Your cash back rebate is transferred directly into your business checking account from our partner processor, North American How Can MatchRate PLUS afford to give me back money on my processing fees? Our unique MatchRate PLUS cash back program eliminates the biggest overhead cost most credit card processing sales companies have; replacing lost Our merchants do not leave us because they cannot get a better deal anywhere Even though we pay out more in commissions than the average sales office, we are more profitable because we keep our merchants Will MatchRate PLUS be my processor? Our authorized partner, North American Bancard, will be your merchant account What are your rates? North American Bancard will match your existing rates, taken right from your own statement or they will offer you their standard new account


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