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Purple Diamond Plus RushCard

The Purple Diamond RushCard Visa is a prepaid card designed for the Fashionistas out there. As a PREPAID card, you can use the RushCard just like a credit card, but there are no high interest charges, overdraft fees or accumulating debt to worry about. The prepaid Purple Diamond is accepted

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RushCard Plus Prepaid Visa Card

The RushCard Plus is a prepaid Visa debit card that you can only spend what is deposited without overdraft or finance charges. You can use it in place of a traditional bank checking account. The RushCard Plus Prepaid Visa Card comes in a “Pay as you go” program for those

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Review of the Schwab Credit Card

Last Reviewed: 7/26/2010

Important note: Around 3/31/10 Schwab stopped offering this card for new applicants (though current users of the card are grand-fathered in for the time-being). RIP Schwab.

If you’re in the market for a strong cash back card, I’d recommend you check out our

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