Answering the Question ‘Luxury Debit Cards vs Credit Cards?’

Here’s a good question from Bob J with an even better answer, enjoy:

I know the luxury credit cards exist.. The elusive “black card” made of carbon fiber.. the platinum credit cards made of actual platinum and laser engravings..Do they have any cool expensive top of the line cards like this that are debit cards, not credit cards? (specifically visa, but any will do)

Answer: A debit card is attached to your bank account…. so if you have a million dollar in your checking account then your debit card will be even better than any “black card” out there.Most banks offer a service that allows you to design the look of your own debit or credit cards. Find one of those and have fun. How about a gold rimmed black debit card?Like I said it all depends on how much money you have in the account…. when it comes to debit.

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