Answering the Question ‘What should I do about my family?’

Here’s a good question from . Love Is Insanity . with an even better answer, enjoy:

I don’t want to put too much detail but idk what to do.* I get grounded if I get less than an ‘A’ on my report card bc it’s “not the best I can do”* I’m not allowed to hang out with boys* I can’t wear any shorts shorter than my fingertips* I can’t wear any tank tops in public* I can’t do a lot of normal things, i.e. Facebook, etc.* I can only have 30 min. on the phone* I am homeschooled even though I HATE it with every passion in my body…but they won’t let me go to even a private school* I am afraid to talk to my parents about anything because I’m always “wrong”* I just got my first cell phone, and I have to pay for it* My dad is pretty physically violent when he’s mad at me or my siblings* My mom yells, no more like screams, when she’s mad/stressed; like ALL. THE. TIME.* My parents don’t care about anything but school; my mom even banned me from going to church one Sunday because I hadn’t finished my homework* We don’t have holidays, but some days we take off (rarely!)* My sister is treated as though she is a princess; I DO all the work and sometimes HER work! Everyone but my parents notice that at her age (13) I was doing EVERYTHING that she doesn’t have to do just because she is “2 years younger”* Apparantely with age comes responsibility and privileges, but I’m only seeing the responsibilities. For example, I can’t do anything with friends because my mom is always telling me to do things for her. I barely EVER do things with friends, and it’s starting to affect our friendships; always telling them no.* I can’t even watch the Disney Channel or Nick! And just this year I was allowed to see “harry potter”. oooh. bad. My mom says I watch tv, even though I go to bed at night SORE because I’m HELPING her so much.* I don’t have an allowance….but I don’t mind that much.* Every time I come to my family with a problem, it is dismissed as me being “bossy” or “judging people”. And then my mom complains that I don’t talk to her.* My baby brother…….haha. He’s more like my son I take care of him so much for my mom.* I babysit every night for her because she goes out (although yes, they are errands, etc.)* I take care of my dad all the time (he’s on crutches for 6 weeks)* My mom yells at me all the time when I complain about having to do all that work. She says she does more. Ha.Ha. All she does more is STRESS OUT about the littlest things.* When I AM allowed a sleepover, etc. She pulls the “guilt card” and by the end of the visit has made me stressed out and guilty, as well as made me clean the entire basement if I left a few blankets out.* I’m afraid to tell her that I want to be an actress, because she doesn’t approve of that, and wants me to be something that requires an “education” and that is “better”. So I’m afraid I’ll never be what I want to be, especially since my parents are going to choose my college. My mom wants me to go to some extremely small, Socratic-method college in California! It’s an ODD college…believe me I’ve checked it out…* She doesn’t even know I like boys yet, because if I told her, she’d freak and probably put more restrictions on me. I’m – as it is – not even allowed to date until college!* She tells me to eat healthy. but when I do, she complains that “granola is too sugary” “I eat too much fruit” and “Wheat thins are too processed”* I’m 5′ 3” and weigh just about 90lbs. on a “heavy day”, but she says I’ll get fat if I keep eating the way I do* Only when I get upset does she point out good things (believe me I keep tabs) and even then she takes credit for whatever I do (“I remind you”, etc)* The entire family (not just immediate family) only cares about my sister’s “spelling”. (she’s made it to the national competition twice…)but ignores that fact that I’ve pretty much taught myself piano, got my black belt, get A’s, ALL BY MYSELF. My mom hasn’t even taught me school since 6th grade! (But we’re registered with a big homeschool school (yes, a school!) that reviews quarterly exams, homework, and grades to make sure we’re learning so, yes; the A’s are earned!) And I’m a grade 8 pianist just by teaching myself! All they care about it how great a speller my sister is. They even have pictures posted on the wall and brag about the “spelling thing” all. the time. to ANYONE. My mom says she brags about me, too, but based on her track record, I don’t believe her. At all. And they wonder why I get annoyed with spelling.* If I get upest at my parents WHATSOEVER, I get grounded for a month, hit, w/e. The answer is never, “Honey, are you okay; or ‘it&

Answer: Thats child abuse if they ever lay a finger on you. Report it to the cops. And I’m sick of people giving me crap like “Oh, I can’t do that to them, they’re my parents. It’s selfish.” THEY’RE selfish for treating you like a slave and a punching bag. Trust me, I’ve been through it all. Once those cops pulled into my front yard, my life changed for the best. I’m 13 now, live with my older brother, and I’m free. I still have chores, I still get grounded, but I’m treated my age and get privileges for the straight A’s I make (ex. Sleepovers, increase in allowance, etc.) and when I make less than an A, I don’t get grounded. I get a pat on the back and a “you’ll do better next time” from my older brother. Yes, I still ahev restrictions, bed times, homework times, etc., but I’m happier than being the slave and punching bag of my two parents. Hope you listen to me, because if you try to talk to them, they (obviously) won’t care and will hit you again. Get free (: People like us need to stick together.


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