Pre-ordered Thorpe Park Tickets – ID and Credit Card Problem – Help!?

Julia asks the question: Basically, me and 5 friends are going to Thorpe Park tommorow. One of the guys has paid for himself + 3 other people for a birthday. But 2 people have brought tickets themselves. These tickets were brought online and we all have them printed out and ready. We also have printed out the email which we got with order ID, reference etc. But on the bottom of the ticket, is says “PLEASE NOTE IF YOU ARE COLLECTING YOUR TICKETS ON THE DAY OF YOUR VISIT YOU MUST BRING ALONG YOUR CREDIT CARD” as proof. But we are all 15/16 and these tickets were brought on behalf of us by our parents. But, on top of the ticket, under the barcode, it says “THIS IS YOUR TICKET REQUIRED FOR ENTRY”

Are we going to need our parents ID and credit card to get in? How it works is we go somewhere else to get our tickets scanned by an attendent, and then you go in. I’m guessing if we are all 16 and they do ask about ID, we simply thought the text on the top of the ticket saying this is your ticket, and 6 people doing it, it would look like an innocent mistake, and if the tickets are valid and we got email proof of purchase, they will be ok? Or we can phone our parents and get them to tell them our credit card number? (Not on the email)

Has anyone else tried this? Had this experience?

Answer:What you are talking about is the pick up at the park tickets. These tickets are paid for online and then are picked up at a will call type window at the park. What this means is that you do not have your actual ticket in your hand until you go to the park. There is also another type of online ticket, one where you pay for the ticket and print them out on your personal computer. The second type of ticket, the printable ticket, is the type of ticket that you purchased. These tickets have barcodes on them and they are scanned at the gate. You do not need to wait in line at a ticket window or anything else, you just show up at the gate with your ticket. The tickets are scanned, and it doesn’t matter what name is on the tickets because they have already been paid for. You won’t need a credit card, nor will the person who bought the tickets need to be present when you use the tickets. Have fun at Thorpe Park!(Amusement Parks)

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