Review: Mastering Microsoft Visual Basic 2010

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The new edition of the ultimate comprehensive guide to Microsoft Visual Basic

Where most VB books start with beginner level topics, Mastering Visual Basic 2010 vaults you right into intermediate and advanced coverage. From the core of the language and user interface design to developing data-driven applications, this detailed book brings you thoroughly up to speed and features numerous example programs you can use to start building your own apps right away.

  • Covers Visual Basic 2010, part of Microsoft’s Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE), which includes C#, C++, Visual Web Developer, and ASP.NET, along with Visual Basic
  • Explains topics in the thorough, step-by-step style of all books in the Mastering series, providing you ample instruction, tips, and techniques
  • Helps you build your own applications by supplying sample code you can use to start development
  • Includes review exercises in each chapter to reinforce concepts as you learn

All the books in the Sybex Mastering series feature comprehensive and expert coverage of topics you can put to immediate use.

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.


i am having both visual basic 2008 and visual basic 2010 books.
The 2010 is of course an update with little changes.
I am half satisfied.


-The author claims that you may have a basic understandable level of VB before going through his book
I believe you may be an intermediate developer to use this book

-The quality of example are good. You learn how to do lot of funny things.Things you never found in other books.At this stage you find the difference between this book and the others.

-and of course you ll master many things ! The amount of knowledge at the end of any chapter is substential.
As before i came through this book i have used Deitel simply series,Murach vb 2008,Oreilly Programming Vb 2008,Wrox Professional VB2008.


-the style of writing is amaizing .But guess it a part of.Guessing thing is a good method of teaching in programming.Only when people have acquire all the basis.In the book there are lot of mistakes..The author present one Sub and let you guess the rest….

-The code is subject to trouble.the code files are marqued as unidentified.I am talking aboout 2008 Edition files.There are lot of syntax errors to correct.The writer did not pay attention to that.

-Finally you dont know.It is not a tutorial book.You always have to guess how to design the example.
You always have to guess the code.When you go through the book you find the writer is and old timer with lot of experience.


I will say the technical writer of the book is weak.He may have correct many things.The way of teaching may be re oriented. The code reviewed.I rate the book three star : Because the design is weak.In design i mean the way of teaching, the code..

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