The Top 3 American Express Credit Cards

The top three American Express cards are: Blue from American Express, Blue Cash and Blue Sky from American Express.

Blue from American Express

Blue from American Express has a 0% APR for up to fifteen months. Once the introductory APR period has expired, a regular APR of 11.99% is applied. Also, there is no annual fee.

There is a credit limit of up to One Hundred Thousand dollars. Grace period before penalties chip in is twenty days. Also great is the fact this card allows you to apply for additional cards for family members free of cost.

Card holders can also sign up for the Free Credit Reward Program. This program gives one point for every dollar spent, which can be redeemed for travel awards and other purchases.

Card members can transfer balances from other credit cards without having to pay a transaction fee. An added bonus is the fixed APR of 3.99% for the life of the balance.

Blue Cash from American Express

Offers card holders a 0% APR introductory rate for six months before the regular 12.99% chips in. Like most top credit cards, Blue Cash from American Express charges no annual fees.

Cash back rewards of five percent are possible on select purchases at supermarkets, gas stations and pharmacies; even paying your monthly bills with Blue cash allows you to earn.

Balance transfers do not attract any transaction fees.

Blue Sky from American Express

Designed with the travel in mind, Blue Sky offers great travel rewards. Customers with Blue Sky earn one point for every dollar while using the card. Points are redeemable to help defray hotel costs, airline tickets and car rentals; best of all there are no blackout dates during peak travel periods.

The card offers 0% APR for six months, then 12.99% regular after this period. Blue Sky allows balance transfers, and provides benefits such as travel insurance.

All three cards can be used in thousands of locations worldwide.

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